Banks have restarted lending, but on one condition: the customer will pay all losses.


After the Banking Regulatory and Supervision Agency (BDDK) final settlement on TL loans, ‘insecurity’ In this context, the banks have started to have customers sign a contract who want to use the loans.

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The BRSA announced its decision on Friday evening, which prevents independent certified companies that have more than a certain amount of foreign currency cash from obtaining new TL loans from banks.

Due to the uncertainties that arose after the decision and the confusion arising from the details of the settlement, some banks have stopped using new TL loans.

According to information provided by two sources close to the subject who spoke to Reuters, officials from the BRSA and the big four audit firms met today at noon to clear the uncertainties and question marks.

The BRSA did not comment on the matter.

Although there are over 100 audit firms in Turkey, most of the market is made up of EY, KPMG, Deloitte and PwC.

An industry official close to the topic said: “During the adoption of the decision, the BRSA did not inform either the banks or the auditing firms. There are many questions to be answered. In order to eliminate these questions and confusion, the BRSA and the audit firms meet today. “

The same source drew attention to the workload created by the transition from quarterly and annual audits to the audit or monthly review phase due to the BRSA regulation, “There are not enough staff to cope with this workload in the big four accounting firms. It is very difficult to immediately find a job that requires technical equipment and an employee ” She said.

Unresolved uncertainty

The BRSA has released another eight-page technical statement on the market to clear up the uncertainty. However, while industry and banking sources have said that question marks on technical issues have not disappeared, some banks have temporarily stopped lending due to this.

Over the past two days, banks have started lending again and, according to a document reached by Reuters, banks have started having customers who want to use TL loans signed by banks.

In the aforementioned commitment, the clients are signed that the BRSA’s decision will be acted upon in accordance with the loan, and in the event of a situation contrary to the decision, it is signed that the client will pay the entire loss to the bank in case the bank suffers a loss. o a sanction is imposed on the bank.

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