Bank advised! Withdraw your money immediately or it will be restored


Recently, there have been consecutive warnings from banks on accounts, account security and investment accounts. In particular, rising inflation rates have made it difficult for citizens to shop. While we were waiting to see if there would be any news of a raise, campaign or credit news, this time an alert came on the bill. Here are the facts about the account with all its unknowns.

Ziraat Bank has warned the last 3 days!

All banking products that have been inactive for more than ten years or have not been processed in any way are transferred to Takas Bank. As a result, Ziraat Bank announced that it is expecting customers who wish to have more detailed information on banking transactions at their branches.

If you also have an inactive and unused bank account, there is no harm in closing it. If you have an investment account or a time deposit account, you can contact Ziraat Bank to extend its duration.

How does the weather work?

There is widespread misinformation circulating on the Internet. It is written that this situation, also called dormant account, covers the account opening date. In fact, the validity period of the dormant account is the last transaction date of the account.

To give an example: you opened an account on March 3, 2012 and you are actively using it. This account will not be considered a dormant account as the expiration date will change constantly.

If you opened an account on March 3, 2012 and there was an activity in your account on May 3, 2012, this time your account will be closed after the expiry of the 10-year period following that date. For this reason, we also point out that such a situation is not possible for your accounts that you constantly use.

Ziraat bank only?

Although Ziraat Bank suddenly got all the attention with its statement, in fact, it is mandatory for all banks to implement such an application. For this reason, we recommend that you regularly check your accounts in all banks, public or private. If you have more than one account in the same bank and don’t use one, you can transfer the money there to your other bank account.

First of all, there is a problem that we need to highlight. There is also a decision on time, demand and investment accounts in TakasBank’s partnership with the Capital Markets Board. According to this decision, bank accounts that have no assets are left inactive according to the last transaction date. In other words, this situation is called dormant accounts in international banking terminology. But what is this
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Curious about the dormant account

All banking products used in a bank must act at certain time intervals. The main reason for this situation is that accounts need to be actively used, especially whether the account holder is alive or not. If you do not use an investment product, time deposit or checking account for ten years, your account will be considered inactive this time. But what happens to accounts like this?

Let’s talk briefly about this: the fact that you do not use your account or that you will not use it, even if the account is perceived as a dormant account, will never cause the deprivation of rights. As a result, the account is transferred to another account opened in your name on Takas Bank. However, if a time deposit account works, its expiration will be delayed this time. To avoid such situations, it is helpful to check your accounts regularly when it comes to dormant account options.


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