Aydın Doğan received a surprise partner


Pointing out that Turkey is a very important country for the ecosystem of TÜV Austria, the CEO of TÜV Austria, Dr. Stefan Haas, giving the message that they will accelerate their investments in the country in the next period, said: “We have very important objectives in the Turkish market, where we have been operating for many years. We see Turkey not only as a single country; With its location between Europe and Asia, we see it as a “core country” opening up to important markets in Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. We believe we will achieve much greater success in Turkey in the near future. “

It will establish a tank test center in Eskişehir or Ankara

Stressing that it has made an investment of over 15 million euros in the Turkish market, according to the news of the newspaper Oxygen, Haas said: “We will increase this figure with the new investments we will make in sectors such as railways, test services and a test center of IT security. We aim to bring it to 40 million euros. We want to carry out these projects, the overall size of which will reach 25 million euros again this year.. We are very excited and eager to do some tests on wagons, especially in Turkey. Today there is no test and technology center of the scale we want to build in Turkey. We believe such a structure will create great added value for the railway ecosystem and railway systems industry in Turkey. For this investment, we first consider the Eskişehir and Ankara regions. “

The CEO of TÜV Austria, Dr. Stefan Haas-TÜV Austria Regional Manager Yankı Ünal

“We are also entering the field of boating and yachting”

In addition to these projects, Haas said that, like TÜV Austria, it has invested in 4 new areas of the Turkish market and continued: “With the company TÜV Austria Marine, which we have formed with the partnership of Bodrum Denizcilik based in Turkey, we will also operate for the first time in our history in the field of boating and pleasure boating. We will assume the role of authority in the market and offer innovative products that will pave the way for yachting. On the other hand, we will provide expertise in the second-hand land vehicle market with our company TÜV Austria Expertise, which we also founded together in Bodrum Denizcilik. Information technologies and cybersecurity are the main pillars of our international activities. In the rapidly digitizing world, we expect this field to gain in importance in the coming period. In this direction, we have become a partner of the Turkish company Sybercode, where we will create a global partnership and the sharing of technology between the teams. Finally, as TÜV Austria, we have always believed that the best way to increase safety and quality was to train people. In this context, we also want the Turkish company Mavi Akademi under the aegis of TÜV Austria Akademi and we want more than 600 services in this field in Turkey “.

“We work with the foundation system, we transform our earnings into investments”

Emphasizing that today TÜV Austria has nearly 3,000 employees in more than 30 countries, Stefan Haas said: “The TÜV Austria Group works entirely with the management of a foundation. It reinvests and returns all its net profit to production throughout the year, without making any profit distribution. As we do not reach any external credit or source of funding, we always maintain our independence and impartiality by providing all our funding within our facility. But also, we create sustainable advantage for our countries and trading partners by creating what we gain from the markets in which we operate; We also support the economic development of countries ”.

It governs 25 countries in total from Turkey.

Founded in Vienna in 1872, TÜV Austria operates in the Turkish market through its wholly owned subsidiary, TÜV Austria Turk. Stating that TÜV Austria Turk, present on the Turkish market for nearly 25 years, provides services to industrial manufacturers in Turkey in over 300 service areas such as testing, inspection and certification, Yankı Ünal, Regional Manager of TÜV Austria, said: “Turkey is one of the key countries for the TÜV Austria.grano ecosystem. We manage 22 countries in the region through Turkey. We are involved as a business partner in all major projects in Turkey and the region. To date, the number of our permanent employees in Turkey has approached 700. Together with our project-based employees, this number reaches 2,500. In our industry, the number of employees is usually expressed in numbers ranging from 40 to 50 years. The achievement of such a number of employees reflects both the importance of Turkey for TÜV Austria and the potential of Turkey. “

We are ready to support the domestic car

Adding to his words that closely follow the process related to Turkey Togg’s domestic electric car project, Yankı Ünal said, “We are ready to use our 150 years of knowledge and experience here for this project. We can contribute to the mobilization of Turkey’s electric vehicles in areas related to cyber security, as well as the inspection and documentation processes necessary for domestic cars to reach the roads in Europe.

Partnership with Aydin Doğan

Expressing that Aydın Doğan is one of the partners of Bodrum Denizcilik, which has collaborated with TÜV Austria Group in the companies TÜV Austria Ekspertiz and TÜV Austria Marine, Yankı Ünal said: “The vision established by him and his partners, in particular at TÜV Austria Marine, this is very important. In fact, the design proposal came from them, and it was an approach that he resonated with us. Today yachting is one of the sectors with the highest added value in the maritime sector, but there is no institutional control mechanism. We are starting from here with a business idea that will start in Turkey but will expand all over the world in a very short time. Turkey will be the starting point here, so we plan to operate mainly in Greece, Italy and Croatia. This service, which an international organization like us will do together with a local company based in Turkey, is also a source of honor for us ”.



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