Announcement from İşbank! 700 TL cash opportunity


İşbank made an urgent decision. The bank offers a great opportunity to customers who are planning a vacation. 700 TL will be given to those who book a holiday with İşbank card on In the campaign statement, where you will earn 700 TL MaxiPoints in cash or in installments for your new holiday bookings of 7,500 TL or more, the campaign will take place that you will immediately use with your maximum functional credit card or Tatilbudur debit card. com in June. It ends on 30.

Transactions, cancellations, returns and purchases made with MaxiPuan with commercial credit cards and free credit cards are not included in the campaign. To be eligible for the event, participation must be made through the Maximum Mobil application. You can participate at any time during the campaign (before or after your purchase). The campaign is valid for new holiday bookings made by Tatilbudur between 1st and 30th June, excluding previous bookings. Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. reserves the right to change the conditions of the event and / or cancel the event.

The campaign is not based on the card, but on the customer number. Customers can earn MaxiPoints up to 700 TL by taking advantage of this campaign once. The MaxiPoints earned from the campaign will be loaded onto your last shopping card on 7 July 2022 and all unused MaxiPoints will be withdrawn on 31 August 2022.

Attention to customers for the first time!

For the first time, İşbank has announced special offers for its customers on its website! As part of the application “I want to become a customer” in İşCep, valid until December 31st, 200 TL will be deposited on the card of those who are İşbank customers for the first time. As part of İşCep’s “I want to become a customer” application, those who become İşbank customers for the first time until 31 December 2022 and apply for an İşbank credit or debit card within the same month, receive the first 200 TL and beyond until the next end of the month. When they shop, they will earn 200 TL MaxiPoints.
Download İşCep to your NFC-enabled phone and click the “I want to be a customer” option on the main screen. Fill out the short application form that will appear in front of you so that we can get to know you and serve you in the best possible way. Scan the chip in the new TC ID card on your NFC compatible phone. The next step is to click the button to perform face recognition.

Perform face biometric verification by recognizing your face to the camera without accessories. Then, you can complete the step to become a customer by making an instant video call with the bank’s customer representative.

Start benefiting from the convenient services of our İşCep application, send your temporary customer password to your mobile phone and request the product you want. If you are a trader / live trader, you can open your trading account as well as your personal account.

Good news for those who get a salary from İşbank!

An announcement was made for pensioners receiving a salary from İşbank. İşbank made campaign announcements to its retirement clients. Retirees will be awarded 500 lire as part of a special event. According to the statement released by İşbank, the resources will be provided to those who receive a pension from İşbank and report their retired relatives. A campaign statement came from İşbank.

By participating in the Maximum Mobil campaign between April 1 and June 30, 2022, obtaining a personal referral code and sharing it, SGK retirees (SSK / BAĞ-KUR / Emekli Fund) recommend it to their retired customers. and a commitment for 3 years. In MaxiPuan you can earn a total of 500 TL (2 relatives) and each retired relative donates 250 TL. Retired customers who will benefit from the campaign are required to share the referral code they received from Max Mobil with their salaried relatives from SGK (SSK / BAĞ-KUR / Emekli Fund). Relatives of pensioners who received the code, after pledging to receive SSI pension for 3 years through İşbank, fill in the REFERENCE, leave a space, add this reference code and write 4402.


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