A monthly salary of 5500 lire for the housewives with the production of wedding candies at home! Here is the application for wedding candy packaging


In these times of economic crisis, additional work at home opportunitiesThose who want to contribute to the family budget by taking advantage of the benefit can make a regular income. Packaging of wedding candies at home With this project, a certain working door opens for students, retirees and those who want to contribute to the domestic economy, especially housewives.

Thousands of weddings take place during the wedding season, especially in the summer months. indispensable part of wedding ceremonies. wedding favors It attracts attention as it is kind of a species and its designs also change based on demand.

Home Wedding Candy Packaging 2022

confection of wedding candies at home Knowing the companies that employ you will put you one step ahead just before starting the job. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of people seeking additional work at home. For this reason, there is an increase in the number of candidates for these companies.

Therefore, companies are particularly experienced and wedding candy packaging business It prefers those who know it.

How to pack wedding candies at home?

In the first place a company that produces wedding cakes After an agreement with the company, all necessary materials are delivered to the address via cargo. These materials include wedding candies, packaging, decorative materials, and other small materials.

The packaging works according to the models of the wedding candies It is performed. Some businesses may require you to decorate, so you can earn extra decorating for an additional cost.

wedding candy packaging processes You should definitely choose a hygienic environment. If there is any foreign substance in the packaged wedding favors, the company will no longer want to work with you.

It is very important that you work meticulously and carefully to ensure that the company is happy with you. For this, using gloves, caps, aprons. packaging operationsIt is possible that you do this at our house.

wedding favorsThe packs are placed in the boxes immediately after the packaging and decoration processes have been carried out according to the determined number. And then the delivery is made.

Home Wedding Candy Packaging Gain 2022

Earn at least 3000 TL and at most 5500 TL from the wedding candy box at home you can provide. Typically, you pay a fee per piece. If you do at least 100 packs a day, you can earn at least 3000 TL.

more at home wedding candy wrapping and decoration business This way, you can double your income and contribute more to your family budget.

Home Wedding Candy Packaging Companies & Phone Numbers 2022

Companies that provide home wedding candy packaging businessThere are several ways to find it. As weddings take place all over Turkey and in several provinces, especially places that do textile business are ideal for this.

Some of the companies that provide home wedding candy packaging business Organization Company and Dowry Houses it could be. Another method is to contact shops that supply wedding candy packaging, gift shops, or companies that supply wedding candy.

• Open the search engine you used first.
• Here wedding candy packaging typing, click the search button and then go to the maps tab.
• From here you can access all the textile workshops in the city where you live.
• Company names, addresses and telephone numbers are on the back side.

Work individually at least one hour a day an income of at least TL 3500 full-time and TL 5500 full-time you can provide. This number will vary based on your performance. The more you work, the more you earn.



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