5000 TL is given to anyone who is a bank customer and purchases a credit card


Much news that is good news for growing financial difficulties comes from public and private banks. Some banks, which are preparing to offer 5,000 TL interest-free cash support to all who request it, will meet the cash needs of low-income citizens to some extent. First of all, in line with this news from Garanti Bank, it was reported that anyone who applied would have deposited 5,000 lire into their bank accounts. This opportunity, which is very attractive with a zero interest rate, is very attractive for those who are in urgent need of cash.

Those who request to become customers via BBVA Garanti mobile without the need to go to the branches of Garanti Bank will also be entitled to receive a loan of 5000 TL at zero interest.

How to benefit from the campaign?

Garanti Bank will evaluate credit card applications, requests made via the mobile Internet banking application or website. Participation in the campaign will continue even after the credit card application is completed.

Customers whose credit card applications are approved between May 12th and May 31st will be eligible for the zero interest loan opportunity offered until June 30th. Special installment cash advances are offered to customers who applied for and approved a credit card between June 1st and June 30th, particularly those who missed this campaign. Each customer will be able to benefit from the opportunity to pay by installments once during the campaign.

Who can get a 5000 TL zero interest loan?

The cash advance in installments of 5000 T, which has been put into use, can be used by the clients of Garanti Bank over a period of 6 months. In cases where the cash advance you wish to use is greater than 5,000 TL and has a maturity of more than 6 installments, the amount of the installments to be paid will be determined within the current interest rates.

Anyone who wishes to be a Garanti Bank credit card customer and applies via the BBVA mobile application or website can benefit from this campaign. As part of the campaign, applications submitted by ATM and mobile phone are not accepted.

What cards are included in the campaign?

Each customer can request Garanti Bank to benefit from the campaign once. Even if more than one credit card application is approved during the campaign, interest-free cash support per installment of 5,000 TL is offered based on the first approved application only.

Virtual cards, commercial cards or supplementary cards are not considered in the campaign. Only individual and original cardholders are eligible to apply for this campaign.

It is possible to approve a limit below 5000 TL

If the Garanti Bank credit card application is approved below 5,000 TL, the amount of the cash advance to be received may decrease by the same amount. If the credit card limit is approved as low, the cash advance amount of the installment will be reduced.

In order to benefit from the interest-free cash advance as soon as possible, it is necessary to reach the credit card holder, determine the password and start using it. Credit cards whose passwords have not been determined and are not yet actively used are excluded from the campaign.

Benefits of the interest-free cash advance campaign

In line with increasingly expensive living conditions, it may be a matter of time before urgent money needs arise. Garanti Bank, which offers zero-interest loan support to those who need it only on the condition of being a bank customer, is among the campaigns many people will want to take advantage of.

Although the campaign conditions only cover those who will be Garanti Bank customers for the first time, existing bank customers are disappointed, but there are also many profitable campaigns for existing customers.
By offering a zero-rate repayment benefit in 6 installments, the bank is an example for many private and public banks and offers several cash advance opportunities. By following and leveraging these campaigns, you can lighten your budget economically and make long-term repayments interest-free. You can view all the details of the campaign on the Garanti BBVA mobile application and on the website.


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