5 LT Evin sunflower oil will be sold at a shock price! SHOCK Discount list 7 September 2022


Şok Market continues to serve consumers with current product campaigns. They also announced the products that will go on sale this Wednesday in the popular chain of markets that sell products at affordable prices every week. SHOCK 7 September 2022 Spring arrives at your home with the current product catalog. Many products, from garden furniture to home textiles, will be on sale at the Şok market at a discounted price. So what’s on SHOCK this week? September 7 Şok current product catalog discounted price list is in our news …

With Şok Market’s current product catalog on September 7, 2022, discounted product opportunities have been announced. The popular supermarket chain, which appeals to the budget of consumers with weekly sales of very affordable products, has not been idle this week and continues to offer you the most affordable prices. So what’s on Shock this week? What products will arrive this week with the shock current product catalog? The Opportunity products that Şok Market will sell at a discount starting September 7th are in our news.

September 7, 2022 Shock product catalog current discount price list

With the Şok Aktüel catalog September 7, 2022, discounted product opportunities have been published that will hit the shelves this week. From Wednesday, the very affordable products will be on sale in all Şok Market stores across Turkey. The discounted products in the new Şok Market discount campaign are as follows:

Set of 2 bath mats: 99.95 TL

Jacquard towelC 19.95 TL

Toilet seat: 19.95 TL

Platinum Articulated Shower Set: 49.95 TL

Arzum Olivia Ceramic iron: 329.90 TL

Refillable Beard Plate: 99.95 TL

Blitz Digital Bathroom Scale: 119 TL

Ear and nose trimmer: 27.95 TL

Folding seat: 99.95 TL

Collapsible Water Bucket: 69.90 TL

Mug with folding handle: 19.95 TL

Variety of fragrant dried flowers 80 gr: 9.99 TL

Non-slip shelf cover: 49.95 TL

Lime tablet mop set: 119.95 TL

Mop Spray Lime Set: 119.95

King Şakir First reading: 14.99 TL

SHOCK September 7 2022 discount catalog

Şok offers special products for those planning to camp in the fall with its current product catalog on September 7, 2022. The products that will take place on the shelves of the Şok market in the discounted product opportunities starting on Wednesday and lasting for 1 week are the following;

XL camping chair: 249.90 TL

Large camping chair: 219.90 TL

Camping chair: 119.90 TL

Beach chair with wooden armrests: 119.90 TL

Camping Stool: 34.95 TL

Children’s camping chair: 119.90 TL

20 liter cooler bag: 49.95 TL

Cooler bag 20x27x27 cm: 39.95 TL

Shock Actual Discounts September 7, 2022

For gamers, there are special discounted products in the Şok Market campaign this week. Shock September 7, 2022 The continuation of the discount opportunities provided with the current product catalog are as follows;

Gamers Arena Sangal Hell AMD Athlon SSD FreeDos gaming PC: 4799 TL

Gamers Arena Sangal Domination AMD Ryzen 5 gaming PC: 14699 TL

Gamers Arena Sangal EcoPlus AMD Ryzen 5 gaming PC: 7799 TL

Gamers Arena Extreme AMD Ryzen 5 Graphics Card Player: 24699 TL


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