4A 4B 4C Pensioners TL 3000 non-refundable from 8 banks


8 Good news from the bank to the retiree. 4A 4B and 4C retirees receive a non-refundable amount of 3000 TL in cash. The new campaign, valid from today, is breaking records with 8 banks.

It is now easy to carry your pensions

Bringing pensions is now a very simple process. Today, millions of retirees have the opportunity to benefit from various opportunities from the banks that receive pensions. Retirees are also made various promotional payments by banks in line with their pensions. Several benefits are offered by many banks specifically for retirees, but retirees with a term have the option of switching to another bank. Generally, retirees look into promotional options for switching to other banks and switching to the attractive one. So how are pensions transferred?

How are pensions transported?

In line with the pension, it should be noted that users have the possibility to apply online through the bank or the bank counter. You can transact with your e-government password via the internet address, in cases like the PTT branch or bank. While a 4A SSI salary recipient is making bank transfers, it is reported that she should first proceed in line with 4A services and section 4A bank address change.

So, if the transport will be carried out with bond salary 4B, 4B services and bank or address change menu 4B must be performed. Finally, the 4C pension fund was mentioned during the briefings. It has been stated that if the transport process will take place within the 4C pension fund, the 4C services and the 4C continuation menu should be applied equally.

Banking promotion amounts

The most curious argument on the part of retirees in this regard is how much the promotion to retirement is given by the banks. Banks have entered a large competitive environment to attract retirees, especially recently. In this field, private and public banks have requested a promise to receive the salary from the same bank for 3 years. This will involve a promotional payment.

TEB bank

A new pension campaign will be launched by TEB Bank for all customers who take it as part of their old-age pension. People who agree to be TEB customers for 36 months as part of the campaign have the opportunity to benefit from the promotional campaign up to 3750 TL with 2 automatic signals.


As an Akbank customer, you are offered a 3500 TL promotion in exchange for a 3-year salary promise to bring a pension.

BBVA guarantee

It was stated that as part of the guarantee, retirees were offered a promotion opportunity of ₺ 2,750.

job bank

It is reported that, in line with the agreements made within the social security institution, a promotion of up to TL 2500 will be given between April 1 and June 30 for the first salary payment to the person receiving a salary from İşbank. Depending on the current salary, there are differences on the promotion.


Depending on the social security institution, a promotional payment is offered under the protocol together with the income and monthly payments of the insured.

Construction mortgages

Yapı Kredi Bank offers a 3000 TL cash promotion opportunity to all retirees who prefer to pay their pension. Valid until June 30th This campaign does not include additional conditions. In addition, those who are given orders to pay 2 invoices within 60 days are offered an additional cash bonus of 100 TL regardless of salary.

Financial bank

In line with Finansbank, 2750 promotion opportunities are offered to retirees. At the same time, free cash withdrawal and free EFT remittance are offered to people who pay 2 bills by bringing their salary.

Ziraat bank

Ziraat Bank offers a promotional opportunity of 1,500 TL to clients who receive pension payments from the bank in line with their pension payments, 500 TL for six months and 625 TL to those with a pension between 1,500 and 2,500.


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