44,000 TL will be given! To be taken on weekends, weekdays


By participating in the consumer loan campaign up to TL 44,000, cash loan payments are made to the IBAN numbers or account numbers of citizens who want to carry out their transactions, along with inquiries to be made on their TR ID numbers. If you want to use a consumer loan of 44,000 TL, if you are a customer in accordance with the loan applied by banks, that policy and if you have already used credit cards and credit cards from banks, you can get a consumer loan of 44,000 TL from bank that will make your application and income. You will use an undocumented loan.

Citizens who want to participate in these cash loan campaigns, which can be obtained for up to 36 months, can use their loans not only through public banks, but also through private banks and holding banks that provide zero-interest consumer loans.

We briefly recall that citizens who want to participate in these cash loan campaigns, which can be taken with low interest rates, can also carry out their transactions via internet banking if they respect the banking conditions.

If you have a bank account, you can instantly get an internet banking password on the account and perform all banking transactions via mobile applications, as well as easily perform emergency consumer loan transactions via internet banking and mobile applications. Well now we publish the list of banks that you can get from anyone you need and get approved up to 44000 TL easily.

Denizbank loan 44,000 TL …

As is known, Denizbank is one of the banks that makes easy loan applications and gives immediate approval. Denizbank informs citizens who want to participate in the 44,000 TL consumer loan campaign, providing services without going to the branch, how much loan approval they have received, via their mobile phones.

Citizens who wish to carry out their transactions by participating in the Denizbank consumer loan campaign can apply immediately if they wish to use a loan of up to 44,000 TL, see how many approvals they have received and use a 36-month loan.

If you want to apply for a loan via text message, write my credit, leave a space and write your TR ID number and send this message to 32 80. After the message you sent to 32 80, the bank offers you a deferred loan of 3 months with a total maturity of 36 months.

Citizens who have received loan approval after the message you sent via your mobile can use this loan with their ID card, if we go to the bank branches and tell them that they have applied for a loan by SMS with the their documents and have received a loan and approval. It is also possible to apply for a loan through the Denizbank branches, through the Denizbank website and through the Denizbank customer service number.

Consumer loan Halkbank 44,000 TL …

Citizens who will use consumer loans through Halkbank, which is a state bank, can immediately carry out their transactions via this bank’s mobile application, if they meet the conditions. If you have a Halkbank account, you can immediately obtain an Internet banking password and apply for a low interest consumer loan of 44,000 TL from this bank via the Halkbank mobile application. In this consumer loan campaign, which will be postponed by 3 months by submitting their request via mobile phone, citizens who will use the loan are asked to receive their pension from their bank, especially in the event of retirement.

In addition to Halkbank, which is a public bank, loans of up to TL 44,000 can be used through Ziraat Bank and Vakıfbank, which are other public banks. In addition to Halkbank, banks offer consumer loans with low interest rates to citizens wishing to carry out their transactions via Ziraat Bank and Vakıfbank, while providing high-limit loans, particularly to retirees, under the name of pension loans. You can find out the interest rates of the loan by going into the websites of these banks and you can learn the information about how much loan approval you have received through this website by executing your transactions. Citizens who fill out the consumer loan application form on the official website of Ziraat Bank, Vakıfbank and Halkbank, can take immediate action and get the loan approved.

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44,000 TL interest-free loan …

Citizens who want to take advantage of a zero-interest loan of 44,000 TL can use the multi-purpose loan without interest, carrying out their operations through participating banks in our country. Ziraat Participation Bank and Vakıf Katılım Bank, which are the main banks that will provide 44,000 TL of interest-free loans, are among the leading banks that act as publicly held banks in our country. Applications for this loan campaign, which you can support with a 3-month deferral and a total maturity of 36 months, are made only through the bank branches, through your identity document and income document. Citizens who use interest-free loans through Ziraat Participation Bank and Vakıf Katılım Bank will receive loans with profit-sharing rates instead of interest and use personal consumer loans with a maturity of 36 months. If retirees use loans through these banks, they can immediately obtain interest-free consumer loans, as well as being a salary customer.


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