3 banks merged, sending 50,000 TL to your account instantly without asking for a certificate of income, get approved by sending an SMS


With the September campaign launched through the banks, you can quickly participate in the banks’ multipurpose lending campaigns, where you can quickly use cash loans by carrying out your transactions. For citizens who want to apply, payments are made to their accounts within the same day, within the conditions, and credit payments up to 50,000 TL are made quickly by depositing payments to their accounts within the same day as per the conditions in to benefit from these credit campaigns. In these campaigns initiated by private banks, people in need of cash can benefit from 36-month loan operations by submitting their applications, as well as citizens who will use consumer loans can get the loan repaid on the same day, under conditions.

Denizbank, Akbank and Garanti Bank Citizens with a credit score equal to or greater than 1200 can deposit payments to their accounts within the same day, within the conditions of the credit campaign to be carried out on the Internet. Denizbank, Akbank and Garanti Bank Citizens who wish to use credit by applying through the website can quickly receive credit payments to their account within the same day according to the banking conditions in order to carry out their credit operations. Denizbank, Akbank and Garanti Bank, participating in the General Purpose Loan campaign, launched for citizens who want to ask their questions.In this Cash campaign, for citizens who want to use urgent consumer loans, transactions are delayed by 3 months.


Citizens who submit the application can apply by sending an SMS to their mobile phone or using internet banking applications. If you want to send an SMS to apply through Denizbank, write my credit and leave a space If you write your TR ID number and send this message to 32 80, you will have applied for a consumer loan through the bank.


Denizbank Apart from that, people who wish to submit their application by participating in the generic loan campaign can also apply by sending an SMS through Akbank and participating in the loan campaign. Those who want to apply by participating in the Consumer Loan campaign through Akbank must write this short message to number 44 25 after typing a loan, leaving a space and typing the TR ID number. After the message you sent to number 44 25, the bank gives you the result and sends you information about the loan amount as much as the approved amount.

Guarantors Bank

Citizens who will apply for a consumer loan through Garanti Bank can transact by filling out the generic loan application form on the bank’s official website and can obtain a 36-month term loan from this bank using a loan whenever they wish. Citizens who will complete their transactions after completing the loan application form on the official website of Garanti Bank, can use the internet banking application if they wish to use a loan if they need cash.


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