2137 – 4272 TL Cash payments debited to the account via e-government


Our citizens in need of financial support are paid every month by SGK. Those who apply from the state can receive it. It is claimed that this aid money will last 6 months or 10 months. If the SGK employee leaves his job against his will, that is, without resigning, and if he applies to İŞKUR, he can receive unemployment benefits. SGK payments have been made to those who have already applied and will receive money.

Starting in May, applicants can receive SGK aid by providing their identity cards. Normally, these payments come from the will of the employees and are determined based on the time and amount of their salary. If he finds a new job while receiving unemployment benefit and is subject to a premium again, this person’s salary will be reduced. However, the unemployed are eligible for unemployment benefit.

Is unemployment benefit payable up to 10 months based on the number of working days?

Normally, two conditions are required for a person to receive unemployment benefit. While the first of these had to be fired by the employer, it was agreed that it was necessary to satisfy the condition of payment of the premium in order to receive the salary. It should be noted that the person who has not paid contributions for at least 600 days in the last 3 years will not be able to receive unemployment benefits. It has been stated that if the unemployment benefit is at least 6 months with 600 premium days, 8 months with 900 premium days and 10 months with 1080 premium days, in the last 3 years. While it has been argued that the highest unemployment benefit amount could be 80% of the gross amount of the minimum wage, in 2021 the lowest unemployment wage increased to 1420.14 lire, to the average level at 1688. , 91 lire and at the highest level at 2,840.28 TL. However, in 2022, the lowest unemployment wage was 2,137 TL, the average one was 2,541 TL, and the highest unemployment wage was 4,272 TL.

What are the conditions for applying for unemployment benefit?

If an application is made, it must be filed within 30 days of the employee’s dismissal. If you cannot participate in the job lot yourself, you can apply online, i.e. electronically. It has been stated that for online applications, the ​​website has the option to apply for those who cannot apply in person. Normally, certain conditions are sought to qualify for this payment. Be unemployed excluding your own will and fault, be subject to a service contract in the last 120 days before the service agreement expires, pay at least 600 days of unemployment insurance premium in the last three years before the service agreement is terminated.

How and where to get unemployment benefit?

You can only get your dole if you go to the PTT and tell your TR. You can apply easily when there are terms of service. Conditions such as not voluntarily leaving work, etc. provide up to 10 months of payment. The application has already been carried out via e-government. If not, they have to come to İŞKUR or they normally have to do it from the İŞKUR website. Those who do not receive the salary in May can receive it until June, if you tell the TC it can be taken if the conditions are accepted.

Monthly linking processes take a little longer. Having 40% disability is also among the conditions. These payments were expected by many citizens. And the payments started in May. Derya Yanık, Minister of Family and Social Services, provided information on these payments. He said beneficiaries who don’t submit their accounts can get their money from the PTT. He also claimed to have initiated financial support for the disabled and the elderly. Burns said unemployed citizens will be paid by the state if they can’t find a new job for up to 10 months based on the number of premium days paid before, and they should apply for it.


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