18 TL Notice from Dollar Oracle! The dollar will hit everyone, how much does the currency value?


In the Turkish economy, developments centered on the dollar exchange rate are closely followed. As international financial institutions continue to hold their expectations for the dollar rate hike, the Turkish lira continues to depreciate. Economist Remzi Özdemir has made new assessments on the dollar rate.

Remzi Özdemir, known for his accurate forecasts on the dollar rate and therefore also known as the “Oracle of the Dollar”, made very critical assessments on the dollar. Commenting on the development of the dollar exchange rate from now on, Remzi Özdemir drew particular attention to the TL 18 level. So how will the dollar rate be valued? Will the dollar rate go down?


Remzi Özdemir, who said that the weapon of interest against the dollar could be mined, said: “We are trying to draw an inference from the signs. The only weapon left in the hands of President Erdogan is the weapon of Interest. So, is President Erdogan going to use the interest weapon against the dollar rate? I think he uses it, we see many examples. The interest weapon can be withdrawn and there can be sharp drops in the dollar rate. The effect of this dollar rate decrease will not be permanent and may even harm some areas with its effect. ” he said.


Commenting on the dollar rate hike, Remzi Özdemir said: “The rate hike doesn’t mean much to the Central Bank. The money doesn’t come in trucks from the outside because the interest rate has increased. However, it is possible to make a gradual increase in interest rates. It can be in the form of a 10% interest increase every month. However, this will temporarily lower the dollar rate. The dollar rate will always continue to rise without a change of power. Unless legal reforms are implemented, the dollar rate will not decline. “Used the phrases


Remzi Özdemir, calling attention to the TL 18 level for the dollar exchange rate, said: “Turkey has a special situation. The Central Bank vault is in excellent condition. Our expectations for the dollar rate hike continue. However, President Erdogan and the administration of the economy are obsessed with 18 TL. When the dollar rate rises to 18 TL, a revaluation should be made according to the conditions of that day. If the dollar rate is not permanent, it can be lowered by executing a trade. Citizens can be harmed if they are caught wrong here ”. He said.


Stating that people can be multiplied by the dollar, Remzi Özdemir said: “The dollar rate is moving towards a level that we can define as risky. Those with dollar investments should be careful if they don’t want to be hit. Personally, I definitely don’t recommend buying dollars at the 18 TL level. What was experienced in December. People have spent months trying to make up for their losses. They hit the small investor. It is a financial disaster to be hit with dollars in such a difficult economic process. When the 18 TL level hits, we re-evaluate the dollar rate. But at that point, the dollar buying should be stopped at least for a while. ”She said.

Note: the evaluations contained here are the individual comments of the reference economist. No investment advice was given in our news. All ratings are disclosed for informational purposes only.


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