1,100 TL difference will be paid! 40 percent.


The announcement that many were waiting for has officially come. It has been announced that payment of the price difference will be made. The expected decision has been announced. Consequently, at the end of the meeting organized by the Board of Directors of Trakya Birlik, it was stated that it was decided to pay a price difference of 1,100 TL per ton for 40 percent sunflower to the partners who delivered products in the 2021- business. 2022 year. The details are here ..

There is also a statement on the subject. In the meeting organized by the Board of Directors of Trakya Birlik, it was announced that the total amount to be given to its shareholders as a price difference was approximately 325 million.


The official statement included the following statements:

“In the meeting held by our Board of Directors, as part of the activities of the year 2021/2022 which will end on July 31, 2022, the sunflower strains, considered by our partners, were processed and sold as finished products in the factories largely affiliated with our Association, and as a result of the achievement of the forecasted sales targets within the commercial activities to a large extent. April 2022 for the 3rd provisional tax period.


In the continuation of the written declaration, it was announced that it had been decided to pay the price difference of 1,100 TL per ton:

“In the assessment carried out over the entire year, the board of directors also considered the issue of the distribution of dividends to our shareholders following the general meeting of the Association to be held next January, as applied in the last five years of the positive difference budget. Following the assessment, specific to this exercise; Along with corporate sustainability, critical issues were assessed such as the high increase in product prices over the period, the need for high quantities of inputs and the increase in production costs, the protection of the purchasing power of money over time and was applied the price difference to the pre-purchase price announced on October 1, 2021. It is believed that the finalization of the price will bring greater benefits to our partners in the current socio-economic conditions. In this context, it was decided to grant a price difference of one thousand hundred lire, based on 40 percent of the oily base product, to all our partners who deliver products in the period of the 2021 campaign. On this occasion, we would like to thank and express the our gratitude to all our manufacturing partners who trusted their Union and delivered the products showing the best example of cooperatives.


In the rest of the press release which concerns a large number of people, “In order to increase the income of our producer members from their agricultural activities as much as possible, our Association is working on alternative procurement models in line with institutional opportunities and the applicable legislation. In this context, it is seen that the trend of further gains from high value gains in the supply and demand balance of agricultural commodities, which began with the pandemic process and continues to increase with climate effects and geopolitical developments, has become the economic choice that gains weight in all our farmers. In this regard, our Board of Directors has the opportunity to sell products with the Escrow method (individual sales) in addition to the fixed price method, in order to satisfy the goal and desire of our partners to bring the products they produce. after the harvest period, to put them up for sale at higher prices, and to contribute to the strengthening of partnership ties thus increasing their agricultural income, has decided to present the purchase model that provides Our partners will be able to determine the amount and the methods of delivery of the product during the harvest declaration period, obtaining the necessary information from the cooperatives of which they are members, regarding the principles and practices of the new purchase model. Good luck to our partners and to our Union ”.


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